About the company

The Szmidt & Son Company is located in Ślesin, a town in the Wielkopolska Voivodship that is famous in Poland for its trade in down and feather.

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Because of our family tradition, initially the company only dealt with purchase, production and sale of the high quality goose down and feather as well as duck down and feather. The experience along with the expert knowledge we have gained throughout many years have enabled us to meet our customers’ expectations. The offer was expanded in 2004. At present we specialize in the production of high quality bedding, duvets and pillows as well as other textiles, including garden cushions, children's pouffes, animal bedding and many others.

In our production we use both natural fillings (down, half-down, trimmed feather) as well as synthetic fillings (silicone and silicone granule/fake down). 

Because of our gained experience and knowledge, our company manufactures products of the highest quality, with a variety of sizes, designs and finishing. The specialized team of our company makes sure that at every stage of production the highest standards of the products along with the satisfaction of the most demanding customers are fulfilled. Our products are first and foremost sold in the Polish and German market.



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