Cushion fillings

Fillings found in our offered products are characterized by a high volume, flexibility and indentation resistance. Our products are materials that are ideal fillings in the furniture or bedding industry. Owing to the fact that our company itself is a manufacturer of impletion, we are competitive not only in respect of quality but also price.

The current offer includes:

HCS 7D/32 mm, 7D/64 mm, of the first and second grade as well as others.

Carded wool
It is made of the highest quality flame- resistant polyester fibre. Perfect for filling upholstery cushions, pillows and toys.

Silicone pellet
It is made of the highest quality original polyester and silicone fibre. Ideal for filling upholstery cushions, pillows and toys.

It is made of polyurethane foam and cut into thin strips in the shape of chips. Suitable for filling in upholstery cushions and pillows.

Sponged twitch
A high-class twitch and cut sponge can be mixed in any proportion. This filling is frequently used in garden and furniture cushions.

This highly selected feather is perfect for duvet and pillow fillings. It is also great for furniture cushions.

At the customer's request we can produce every type of mixture consisting of pellets, chips and feather. Once appropriate proportions are added, they create a ready filling.

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